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Paranormal: Alchemy vs Hikari Sketch by Naomibatchi Paranormal: Alchemy vs Hikari Sketch :iconnaomibatchi:Naomibatchi 8 3
Tales of the Imperium Short Story
Adrian awoke with a grown and an odd taste of some kind of plant matter within his mouth.  He was lying on a bed of soft fur, and outside he could hear the music of songbirds unknown to him.  He sat up and rubbed the bridge of his nose and trying hard to get his bearings.  He was in a wooden hut with a domed roof that was rather comfortable within.  He rubbed his hand on a fur blanket and addressed the bandages wrapping his chest.  Questions ran through his head, what had happened to his ship?  Where were his friends? And most importantly, where was he?
Light entered through the light wood door as it opened into the small hut.  From within the doorway entered a young woman carrying a tray.  She wore a dress of soft leather that looked to be fashioned from deer, and at her waist was a small metal knife ordained with the pattern of an ornate cat skull on the handle.  Her skin was a light shade of ta
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Fanart: Wednesday Addams- The Addams Family by Naomibatchi Fanart: Wednesday Addams- The Addams Family :iconnaomibatchi:Naomibatchi 21 4 Fanart- Addams Family Sketch by Naomibatchi Fanart- Addams Family Sketch :iconnaomibatchi:Naomibatchi 0 0 Naomibatchi Colored by Naomibatchi Naomibatchi Colored :iconnaomibatchi:Naomibatchi 8 8
Free Writing: Concept
The first one appeared in Paris, at the turn of the new year.  At first, it was only a rumbling under the city, as though the ground beneath the city was shaking.  Those that went to figure out what was down beneath the surface never returned.  On the recordings that the crew's camera's caught, there was a loud echoing roar before the crews began to scream and the signal was lost.  
Soon, the beast erupted from the surface.  Its body was covered with stone like plates of armor, and its mouth was lined with white teeth that looked to be made of steel.  The monster killed all who approached and terrorized the city.  With its strength, the creature damaged buildings and crashed them into ruins.  Its roar echoed into the rubble that it left in its wake.
The military of man was quick to strike back at the beast.  Their weapons were ineffective against its stone like plates.  It slaughtered al
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Never thought the hardest decision I ever had to make with my life came with the scorn of others.  But, I guess you can't win with everyone.  

Anyway, I've decided on joining the Army since my last post here, and am hopeful, cause its the only thing I have left, that it will lead me and that which I care for to a better future.  Though, as the reflective attitude that I've been bringing upon myself seems to bee keeping up, I've come to notice that I feel as though I've lost a part of myself in my desperate struggle to survive and get any form of support structure.  Though, I guess survival at any cost tends to do that.  Its just my forgetful mind can't even think of what that part of me might be.  I know I haven't been as creative as I could be, and I know I should be.  But, I have no access to a scanner to include my non-digital work, and I lost the stylus to my tablet in one of my plethora of moves across the country.  Its not that I haven't been doing it, but I took a lot more joy out of it by being able to show it.  If that makes any sense.

Anyway, this is just a short little thing, a blurb to get my thoughts and frustrations out a bit.  I'm done with rants that are used to attack and punish me, which just builds up the stress instead of releasing it as what a rant is for.  So, that's all I can give on the subject.  Either way, I'm looking to possibly be making a Let's Play/Let's Draw channel once I'm no longer in any state of homelessness and of course am happy that I'll be able to send my first, of the three I actually finished, books out to a publisher, and that should help.  I'm just terrified that I'll lose my femininity and any more parts of me though this military excursion, but its for me to survive, and for the best computer a person could ask for to have a roof over its head and a plug to give it power.  Great, now I'm all teary eyed, gotta get my t-girl self together.  

I'll wrap this up, and am on steam for those who don't know, you can add me if you like the username is Batchiryuu, which will most likely become my online persona in the world of lets plays, but its something that I enjoy.  I like watching others play games, and though I'm not confident in my comedy, I enjoy making things for others.  

Anyway, Later Days. 
  • Listening to: Die by Jeff Williams
  • Reading: Heroes Rise: The Hero Project
  • Watching: Sailor Moon Crystal/ Fate/ Unlimited Blade Works
  • Playing: Minecraft PC/ Civ 5/ Random Visual Novel
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

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